President’s Message

Carolyn Mack

President's Message

Sisterhood, Service and Synergy

The other day I watched two little girls playing and was amused by their increasingly animated conversation.  I listened closely and soon realized they were playing a game of make believe and were telling each other about their magnificent future lives.  I smiled as I remembered long ago days of similarly playing with my own friends as a child.  The funny thing is dreaming does not stop in childhood, I suspect most of us still ponder the future ahead and imagine new good things in our life. Today we may use grown up words like strategic planning or vision boarding, but in the end are we not like these little girls celebrating today while envisioning an even greater tomorrow? As President of the Dayton Chapter of the Links Incorporated I often find myself pondering the future of this great organization and asking myself what I can do to ensure I leave this great organization even better than I found it.

I wonder what Margaret Roselle Hawkins and Sarah Strickland Scott and their seven friends envisioned when they started the Links Incorporated?  Do you think they imagined a membership of over 15,000 women? Do you think they envisioned the many programs being executed by the organization today?  Could they have known the organization would grow to include international chapters? I would like to think just like the little girls I observed our founders held a few make-believe conversations and embraced the possibility of the Links Incorporated growing larger the what they celebrated that day. One thing is crystal clear, i.e., our founders certainly planned for it by organizing in a manner for excellence and growth. It is with the same bold spirit of our beloved founders in mind that I approach the honor seat of President of the Dayton Chapter of the Links Incorporated. 

I applaud our robust and productive programming which spans from our Books Alive program with Dayton Public Schools (Services to Youth Facet) to our work with the Dayton Philharmonic (Arts Facet) to our support (financial and service) of many nonprofit organizations.  As a chapter we have a stellar history of showing up and impacting the needs of the Dayton community. Perhaps one of the greatest recognitions of our 70 years of work in this region is our selection as the 2019 recipient of the Dayton YWCA Lifetime Achievement Award.  As only the third organization to receive this award since its inception, we have every reason to be proud of this major recognition.


Undoubtedly this recognition will help brand the Dayton Chapter of the Links Incorporated community-wide. Yet, with great blessings also come great expectations for using those blessings to bless others. Sisters, this means even as we celebrate the milestone of our 70th Anniversary, we must continue to dream, we must remain steadfast to doing our part in ensuring the future of the Dayton Chapter of the Links Incorporated is as bright as our present.

We can begin this journey by focusing on our commitment to Sisterhood, Service and Synergy. How we interact with each other matters.  We know each member of our chapter is accomplished as proven by the endless list of great individual achievement among our sisters; however, our collective impact as a Sisterhood is our greatest asset.  We are a dynamic force of special women who have the added advantage of great bench strength.  We can move forward together much stronger than any of us can individually.  We need not grow tired knowing another sister is beside us to help carry the work forward.  It is critical we continuously prioritize and celebrate our sisterhood. While sisterhood and our love of fun are paramount to who we are it is also important we never lose sight of the Service we are called to provide the community. If our sisterhood provides us the means to impact, it is our mission of service that provide us the call to action. We must remain laser focused on our programs and the service we provide this community.  We must step up to lead, volunteer to serve and show up to support our chapter service initiatives. And finally, we must act as one body, our Synergy is critical to accomplishing our goals.  There is no doubt our individual priorities may differ at times, we will not always agree, but we must remain loyal to group decision, stack hands and move as one unit. It is our synergy that best equips us to execute with professionalism and precision each task before us.

My sisters, linking arms with each of you I look forward to continuing the excellence synonymous with our chapter. Together I am confident we can ensure the Dayton Chapter of the Links Incorporated sisters sitting here 70 years from now have a rich legacy from which to dream an even greater future.